Профилактика климатик

Профилактика с машина, което включва източване на фреона, вакуумиране на системата, смяна на маслото и наливане на фреон.
Ако се налага, доливането на фреон се заплаща допълнително!

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Реглаж на фарове

Извършва се с професионална немска машина “Hella”. Промоционалните цени важат както следва: За леки автомобили – 10лв.; за друг вид превозни средства – 15лв.

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Diagnostic software

Our garage “Atsalov Auto” has professional equipment and original software for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi/Volkswagen, etc. We offer you a wide range of services, such as the maintenance and improvement of your vehicle, including the coding of new modules. You could also purchase different new original or alternative parts through us or use our equipment to do the needed repairs alone, or with our professional help.

Professional attitude and highest quality

You will be serviced by our highly qualified mechanics, who are to be at your convenience at all times. Thanks to the years of experience we have, we are sure the quality of our work would be at a European level. It is our obligation to follow all the innovations in the world of cars and offer you solutions for better comfort.


Change of oils, filters, brake discs & pads.


Troubleshooting and repairs of problems in the engine and/or chassis.

Software & diagnostics

Full computer diagnostics, coding of new modules and extras with licensed software for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi/Volkswagen, etc.